Niagara Falls family feels left in the dark after unsolved hit-and-run

Posted at 5:43 PM, Oct 19, 2018

6 months ago a man was hit crossing Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls.

Alvin King died 5 months later - September 22 - from his injuries. 

"I can’t imagine my brother crossing the street, and these lights coming at his and he - the last emotion he had was fear," said his older sister Angela Carter.

Carter says it happened April 11, their late father's birthday, but the family wasn't notified until the next day...the two year anniversary of their mother's death.

"The understanding we have is that that car was going 50 miles per hour when he hit my brother. When he hit my brother he knocked my brother out of his socks, his shoes."

Carter says the family hasn't heard many updates from Niagara Falls police on the case. She feels they are the ones that will evenutally be able to give the family closure. 

"...To let my brother rest. How do we say that he is resting when he suffered for 5 months?"

We did reach out to Niagara Falls police. They tell us investigators are running a DNA sample from a car against one collected from King.

There was DNA found on this SUV, but police say it could have come from anywhere.

A witness described the car that hit King as being a dark colored SUV, possibly an Acura model.

Carter says she bears no ill will towards the person who killed her brother, but she just wants the person to come forward.

"He’d do good if he do 5 years, 2 years for this but at least he’d do some time. He could be in a cell where he could sit and think about what he did to my brother," she said.

Anyone with information regarding the crash, or the vehicle involved is asked to call 716-286-4711 or 716-286-4563.



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