New chocolate shop is sweet & unique

Creating healthier, vegan chocolate from scratch
Posted at 10:13 AM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 10:13:01-05

Tim and Lacy Christ had to learn about chocolate before they opened their new shop on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. They took a few courses and just a few months ago opened their new business called Thinking Elvish Fantasy Chocolate. Lacy says "We wanted to do something that our family could be a part of."

Unlike almost every other chocolate maker around, Lacy and Tim make their goodies from scratch. They start with beans. It's a lot of work but they say that their chocolate, made without chemicals or animal products is what people want. "People want something that's real, made out of real food."

Their best seller is the sponge candy made with maple syrup. Their best customer is Diana Demers who is a vegan and appreciates that no animals are harmed to make the treats and adds "I love supporting a local business and it tastes really good."

The young entrepreneurs have started a Go Fund me account so that the can buy a nice sign and fix a few things around their new business. There is more information about that on their Facebook page. Meanwhile they are gearing up for Valentines Day with a new candy made from organic strawberries.

You can find out more about Thinking Elvish Fantasy Chocolate.