Museum discovers a priceless egg in its collection

Egg is now on public display
Posted at 6:08 PM, Apr 25, 2018

They found something they didn't know they had in their collection at the Buffalo Museum of Science. According to Kathy Leacock, Director of Collections, that isn't difficult to do considering that the museum has over "seven hundred thousand items in their collection."

What they found was an egg from the now extinct Elephant Bird. It's huge to say the least. Weighing three and a half pounds. The egg was not really lost, it was just thought to be a model or a replica. That's how it had been mislabeled for many years. Kathy says "we found in our documentary evidence that's it's been here since 1939."

There are only a handful of the rare eggs in existence. The Elephant Bird is believed to have gone extinct around the 17th century.

This egg, thought to be priceless, is now on public display.

You can get more information at the museum's website.