More of those creepy clown sightings down south

Posted at 8:07 AM, Sep 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 08:07:48-04

A slew of creepy clown sightings across the country is continuing, and police are now trying to separate fact from fiction.

Dispatchers in Georgia released the transcript of one call the other day - "Subject dressed in a red and yellow suit with a clown mask through the woods. he also had a green laser light shining it through windows."

That call is one of many clown sightings in South Carolina and Georgia.  On Tuesday, two kids said two men in clown masks who were wearing all black approached them as they were going to the school bus.

"I told my brother to run and scream as loud as he can," the one little boy said.

The Sheriff's Office in Georgia is investigating.  Similar sightings have been reported in Wisconsin and North Carolina.