Meet Barney the blind horse and his best friend

Posted at 6:49 AM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 07:50:41-04

Barney the horse was brought to Roanchar Ranch in Varysburg after he went blind from cataracts.  Unable to see, Barney had a tough time getting around at first, but then he found a friend.

"Fortunately Titan stepped right in, and is Barney's seeing eye horse," explained Lida Mosovich, the ranch owner.

Now, Barney follows Titan, another rescue horse, around the ranch.  Titan came to the farm last year 450 pounds underweight.  Now that he's in better health, he's making life easier for Barney.

"We have a bell on Titan," Mosovich explained.  "And at all times Barney knows where he is, and when he gets lost he calls out, and Titan is right there to reacclimate him to where he is, and head him right back to the barn."

Roanchar Ranch is a place where many horses get a second chance.  The ranch rehabilitates horses, many of which would be sent to be slaughtered.  Once they're in better health, the ranch finds forever homes for them.

Barney is fitting in well now, but the ranch still needs help making some modifications for him.  The ranch is raising money to replace its current electric fence with one that will work for Barney.  They've temporarily modified the current fence by covering it in orange snowplow fencing that that flaps in the wind so Barney can hear where it is.

"This is not permanent fencing for us," said Mosovich.  "Because of Barney's special needs we need to replace this fence.  The top rail will not be electrified, but it will be a solid material where when he bumps into it he won't be shocked."

It's going to cost the ranch about $6,600 dollars to replace the fence, and you can help out.  This weekend you can meet some of the draft horses and help raise money for the new fence.  The ranch is holding what's called a Freedom Ride at Knox Farm State Park.  You can ride your own horse, or just come and walk.  If you'd like to learn more about the event, click here.

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