Many Americans don't use their vacation days

Posted at 10:41 AM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 10:41:54-04

Do you use all of your vacation time, or are you someone who always has extra days left over?  Turns out most New Yorkers, and most Americans, don't use all the time they're entitled to!

A new report by Project Time Off found that 54 percent of Americans didn't use all their vacation time in 2016, leaving a collective 662 million vacation days on the table.  The report, titled "Under-Vacationed America: An Analysis of the States and Cities that Need to Take a Day" also examined data from each state.  New York ranked 25th among the states.  54 percent of New York residents had unused vacation time, which added up to 38.1 million days in 2016.  The project found that the spending potential associated with those days was $10.1 billion.

The states in which people were least likely to use their vacation time were:
1. Idaho
2. New Hampshire
3. Alaska
4. South Dakota
5. Oklahoma

Residents in those states reported having an "elevated fear" of taking time off. 

The states in which people were most likely to use their vacation time were:
1. Maine
2. Hawaii
3. Arizona
4. Alabama
5. Wisconsin

People living in those states reported having more encouraging work cultures, lower barriers to taking time off, and lower stress levels.

The study went on to report that if Americans used their unused vacation days, it would generate $128 billion in direct spending, and have an economic impact of $236 billion for the country's economy.