Making Ends Meet: Eating healthy while spending less

Healthy food
Posted at 6:17 PM, Feb 16, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Living a healthy lifestyle while spending less is becoming harder by the day.

So how do you save money on things like fruits and vegetables?

We took a look at a few wallet friendly options.

Eric Tribe is the chief marketplace officer for Flashfood which connects customers to surplus food approaching its best by date at discounts starting at 50 percent.

"Everyone is looking to manage their budget right now," said Eric Tribe, Flashfood chief marketplace officer. "Produce is a tough category for grocers to get right. The concept we came up with are mixed produce boxes, you can imagine five pounds of produce for $5, might be fruits, veggies, or a mixed assortment."

Flashfood uses a free app to alert customers about the deals.

Once ordered the food is available for pickup at local stores, including 50 Tops Markets locations across New York State.

"It really helps folks for themselves and their budget, and how they are feeding their families affordably," Eric Tribe.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture also offers a few other tips including the planning your meals to stay within your budget to make sure you use what you buy and the use of seasonal produce.

One idea for fresh seasonal produce, often at a discount is joining a CSA or community supported agriculture.

There are several options in Western New York including Westside Tilth Farm in Buffalo.

Carrie Nader is the owner of the Westside Tilth Farm, which was started in 2017 and offers members different, "share sizes" of vegetables that are picked up weekly.

"People have said that our prices are better than the grocery store," Nader said. "They always get more produce than what they pay for."

Shares run from $16 a week for three people to $27 a week for a family of five and include everything from leafy greens, to tomatoes, to cucumbers and herbs.

"It's kind of a like a gym membership you are always getting these vegetables every week, so it kinds of forces you to eat healthier, eat fresh food, and be creative," Nader said.