Look Before You Lock Campaign

Posted at 11:26 AM, Jul 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-31 11:26:57-04

A reminder to parents in these hot summer months - New York State Police and the DMV are holding a "Look Before You Lock Campaign". 

The campaign's goal is to prevent children or pets from being accidentally left in hot cars.  Parents and caregivers are also reminded not to leave their cars unlocked during hot weather, because kids can sometimes go and play in them, and could be overwhelmed by the heat.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports 700 children died from being left in hot cars between 1998 and 2016.  In some cases, the children were forgotten by a parent or caregiver.  In others, they had gone into the car to play.

If you ever see a child alone in a locked car, police say you shouldn't hesitate to call 911, and you shouldn't wait more than a few minutes for the driver to return. 

If a child is found unresponsive or in distress, here are the steps to take:

Call 911.
Get the child out of the car.
Spray the child with cool water (not in an ice bath).