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Unapologetic Coffee focused on serving affordable cups to communities that need it

Twin sisters combined their skills to create Unapologetic Coffee
Posted at 12:54 PM, Apr 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-19 09:18:22-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Twin sisters Alicia and Alisa Officer turned a random idea into a mission to bring affordable coffee to under-served communities.

"We are catering to what we consider an overlooked, marginalized crowd," said Alicia Officer.

Living in North Buffalo, Alisa noticed she passes many Tim Hortons, Starbucks and Spot locations, but found fewer options as she got closer to Buffalo's East Side.

So they opened up Unapologetic Coffee on Main Street, right near Utica. There, they roast their own blends fresh every Tuesday and Saturday with blend names like, "I said What I Said", "Hustle" and "Flow".

"We're unapologetically Black, we can't change that...we've stuck to that ever since, it's not a Black item, it's not a White item, it's not a female item, it's a who you are kind of item," said Alicia.

They're focused on being environmentally-friendly and wallet-friendly, with prices ranging from $2-3.50.

"Coffee has become very unapproachable....We offer brewed coffee, nothing crazy, at a reasonable price," said Alisa.

It's now becoming a place where people can grab a cup of joe, sit and stay.

"Board games, coloring. Adults will come in and start coloring immediately. It's cool that we're here in the community where people can gather and feel encouraged," said Alisa.

Cafe hours are Mon, Wed-Fri: private events only, Tues: 5- 8pm, Sat: 8- 6pm, Sun: 9-3pm

You can also order online here, Unapologetic Coffee Website.