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The one picture that shows what Buffalo's children are thinking about coronavirus

Posted at 4:10 AM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 06:04:28-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — One picture can tell an entire story. It captures the essence of a moment, preserving it for posterity.

Smiling from ear to ear, five-year-old Bella Mitchell, a student at Tapestry Charter School, stands along side her stroller. She's proud of how she's taking care of her babies during this pandemic.

"It’s spreading around so I did that," Bella simply said, after putting masks on her baby dolls.

There's Alana and Wendy; Alicia and CiCi. They're each wearing a handmade mask, keeping them safe from the coronavirus.

"It’s making people sick," Bella said, "but if you put a mask on them, they won’t [get sick]."

"She knows people have been getting sick from it and unfortunately some people have passed away from it," Bella's mom Mia Virges said.

Mia wears a mask when she goes to work. She was there when her grandmother sent the one picture, that defines what children are thinking and feeling. She followed up with a conversation.

"I think it’s important for them to just let them know the facts, as much as a kid can handle," Mia said. "Just let them know to wash their hands, cover their mouths and just the essential things we all pretty much learned as kids, that we still should be practicing. For me, I think it’s just important to practice it, just as much as I tell her so she does what I do."

Like so many other parents around Western New York, Mia is practicing what she preaches, for a five-year-old, who is taking control over a powerful, invisible enemy without losing her innocence.

"I just want to play outside and so does my baby dolls," Bella said.

Mia is hoping good health and hygiene is something that comes out of this for future generations.