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Stony Brook's Legendary Lights Show is back and brighter than ever

Stony Brook Light Show
Posted at 11:54 PM, Nov 24, 2022

LANCASTER, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Stony Brook lights are shinning bright. Residents in the Quail Run development said there's no such thing as too many lights and now better way to end Thanksgiving day.

"The kids tried everything," said Christian Kosmoski, neighborhood resident. "So that was a big win. Even the Brussels sprouts. And after dinner before we had dessert we said we should take a walk and enjoy the beautiful neighborhood."

Families have been enjoying Stony Brook's Legendary Light Show for 15 years.

"It brings everybody together," said Lindsay Loewniczak, neighborhood resident" With how everything has been lately with sickness and stuff it's great to have everybody together. The bills won today. Go Bills. It just makes everything better."

It isn't just the lights that make this show so special. Each year the neighborhood comes together to choose a charity to send donations to.

"We picked the Evan Wood Foundation," said Loewniczak. "It's just amazing to see a whole neighborhood come together."

"Over the last 14 years we have done a lot of different charities and they've all benefited greatly from the funds we've raised," said Tony Dittmer, neighborhood committee member. "And as I said earlier, we enjoy it."

The Evan Wood Fund helps the Oishei Children's Hospital provide comfort and care to chronically ill children and their families. Residents said it's a rewarding outcome especially after so much hard work.

"I spent probably 12 hours on that Saturday and 10 hours on that Sunday," said Angela Reid, neighborhood resident. "The longest process is actually wind proofing it but I didn't really snow proof it for "snow-vember" part two."

Neighbors said if you can, walk around the neighborhood when you view the light show.

"If you come to see the lights in our neighborhood, walk it," said Loewniczak. "It's so much better. You get to walk underneath the arches. There's characters sometimes in the neighborhood that you get to meet."

"I just cant stress, come during the week if you can because weekends it gets very very busy," said Dittmer. "But we want to welcome everybody to this neighborhood."

Though neighbors said getting lights up just days after a snow storm was a challenge, the message behind the lights is simple.

"It reminds us that Christmas is not just about our family but about the whole Buffalo community," said Kosmoski.

If you'd like to donate to the Evan Wood Fund, there is a donation box on Kelly Ann Drive.
If you are unable to visit you can donate by mail before December 22 to:

Stony Brook Legendary Lights
5406 Broadway
PO Box 54
Lancaster, NY 14086

You can find other ways to donate here.

The light show runs from Thanksgiving to January 1st from 6-11pm.