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Springville's Joylan Theatre is back open after being closed for a year by COVID

Owned by the Watermark Wesleyan Church
Posted at 5:25 PM, Apr 21, 2021

SPRINGVILLE, NY (WKBW-TV) — The Joylan Theatre has been an entertainment centerpiece for the Springville Community since it first opened in 1949. After a year of being shut down because of COVID the theatre is back open for business.

The building is owned by the Watermark Wesleyan Church. Pastor Keith Clark says the church has made some major renovations over the past couple years including paint, new floors and seats. He adds "Growing up here, it really means a lot to see this place thriving and active and open again."

Last month Rebecca Pustulka and her husband Russell took over the movie end of the business at the theatre . Rebecca says it has been "A dream come true." She says "We love seeing the great response from the town, on Facebook, everyone is just so excited."

The Joylan looks much like it did when it was built more than seventy years ago, featuring beautiful original woodwork and art deco decor. The old ticket box is still there, but has found a new life as the lost and found.

The Joylan will continue it's tradition of low prices, fantastic fresh popcorn and first run movies. Currently playing Godzilla vs King Kong and Tom & Jerry.

Rebecca says that with the current restrictions they are only allowed to have a hundred people in the 348 seat theatre. It's best to book your tickets on line at their website.