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Relaxation lounge for moms opening in Hamburg

Helping them tackle 'Mommy Burnout'
My Place is a place for moms to connect with other moms and take a break
Posted at 5:28 AM, Oct 13, 2021

We've all gotten so busy to the point where we burn out. For moms who need a break, a lot of times there's nowhere to go, until now.

“This is what everybody’s going through, we need to talk about it and we need a place for moms to go and get their rest,” said Kelly Dever, Founder of My Place Buffalo.

My Place is coming to 22 Main Street in Hamburg just for moms to kick their feet up and take a break. Dever came up with the idea after having her second child.

"There was really nowhere for me to go for me to get what I needed, so I would go to target, spend money and make more work for myself," said Dever.

Adding more tasks to her to do list—during what should be a break from mom world. She asked around and found other mothers felt like they were losing their identities in motherhood.

She wants to help women find themselves again by giving them a safe haven on the third floor of the building with various rooms to relax in.

"We have a beauty room for their makeup, we’ll have a coffee and tea station, but they can bring whatever they want to bring, we have a little nap area," said Dever.

One of the biggest resources they’ll have is other moms.

You can become a my place member and connect in person or online for 50 dollars a month. Click here for pricing options.

My place officially opens their pilot program on October 15. They’ll host a number of events in the coming weeks.

Starting tonight at 7:30 with mom speed dating at BarreTend Buffalo, 15 Webster St. N. in the Town of Tonawanda. They'll host an open house on October 22. RSVP for events on their website, by clicking here.