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President Biden calls for stricter rules on "Ghost Guns", state announced similar plans prior

Posted at 10:38 PM, Apr 08, 2021

(WKBW) — Any gun that is purchased from a shop is identifiable through serial numbers.

"Any modern firearm is going to be serialized and heavily vetted in New York State," Joe Foglia of the Gun Locker in Tonawanda said.

Those serial numbers, which can track the firearms purchase history, are now a topic of national conversation. President Biden announced his plan for serial numbers to be listed on the parts of guns that are home made, which have been dubbed "Ghost Guns".

"We need to end the proliferation of so called 'Ghost Guns,' President Biden said, "These are guns that are homemade and come with a kid that shows you how to build a firearm you can go buy the kit."

Joe Foglia of the gun locker says "Ghost Guns" in New York are more likely to be rifles, not pistols due to the State's strict handgun policy.

"There isn't too many ways around the law in New York State, where it really comes is other states where they don't have as much of a permit system."

Parts to build guns could still be bought, and "Ghost Guns" with no serial numbers means it is harder to track where the gun has been. That can be crucial for law enforcement when investigating a crime.

The President's policy would put serial numbers on the gun parts and make them subject to background checks. that would make the laws on purchasing gun parts similar to the New York State laws of purchasing a fully operational firearm.

This Presidential announcement comes after Niagara Falls Police seized more than two dozen guns, many without serial numbers on April 6th. The State Senate passed a bill earlier this year to put similar restrictions on "Ghost Guns".