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One of the longest running Allentown Art Festival artists will showcase WNY's treasures

David Manny shares Buffalo Treasures through his art
Posted at 2:17 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-10 08:11:33-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — 65 years of showcasing art in Allentown continues this weekend, if you've ever been chances are you've seen pieces by David Manny. That's because he's been there 33 times.

"I see people that know me only that weekend. They just come down to see me," said Manny of Snyder.

After two consecutive cancellations of the event, he's back for year 34. The 71-year-old has a BFA from Buffalo State College and has been an artist since his early days. Painting is his passion, but his love was destroyed when he lost everything in a fire in 1977.

He didn't want anything to do with art until his wife begged him to check out the Allentown Art Festival in 1981.

"We saw this young man, had portraits of famous people and I said i can do this better and she said well do it," recalls Manny.

So he did and he sold almost everything he made at the next year's festival. His art now focuses on the beauty that is WNY, he calls it Buffalo Treasures.

"A painting of the Anchor Bar, I have a painting of La Nova, done artistically into a fine art look. Buffalo treasures is the historical, architectural and emotional assets of Buffalo and WNY," explained Manny.

He spends six to eight months working on these pieces. Going to his favorite places, taking pictures and using his computer to turn it into art.

His entry this year is actually hand-colored and while he hopes to win, he really is just here to enjoy the people who enjoy his art.

"It's always a wonderful thing to do, I'm gonna do it til I can't," said Manny.

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