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Looking for a job? Hundreds of positions open at Baker Victory Services

$1500 sign-on bonus for the most in demand job
Posted at 6:55 PM, Jul 15, 2019

LACKAWANNA, N.Y. (WKBW) — Do you have a passion for helping others? Then Baker Victory Services wants to hear from you.

The health and human services and education facility in Lackawanna has about 200 job openings. Opportunities range from administrative positions, to special education teachers, to housekeeping. The job requirements start from GED/high school diploma and up depending on the position.

For Jamel Mosley, the residential manager of the Intensive Treatment Program, his decision to work for Baker Victory is personal.

"My sister is developmentally disabled, and growing up helping my mom raise her, I saw how rewarding work in this field could be," he said.

The Intensive Treatment program is for children with both intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. Johnna Matusik, Baker Victory's recruitment director, says the behavior support position in the program is their most needed job because there needs to be staff members 24/7. It comes with a $1500 sign-on bonus.

"So our kids might be a little bit more difficult, but the rewards that you get back from that program are life changing," she said.

Click on this link to apply to jobs at Baker Victory Services.