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Lockport community outraged over man's death after police responded to a call

Posted at 12:09 AM, Jun 20, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Lockport community is demanding answers from Police and Lockport community council members after 39-year-old Troy Hodge died after police responded to a call at his house.

"This has been starting for years, the black men and the black boys are scared to be here. We pay our taxes. We work 9 to 5. We should be treated as such," a community member said.

The anger boiling since Sunday night. Lockport Police say they responded to a call at a home on Park Avenue about 'An out of control' individual. After arriving police say Hodge threatened to go into the house and and get a gun. Officers tired to put Hodge into handcuffs but he collapsed at the scene and was declared dead at the Eastern Niagara Hospital.

The New York Attorney General's office announced Thursday it will investigate Hodge's death.

The Office of Attorney General has determined that we will assert jurisdiction in this matter. We are committed to a thorough and impartial investigation. We will not have any further comment at this time.
Spokesperson for the Office of the Attorney General

Community members are saying Lockport Police officers need to wear body cameras at all times, have better training on diversity and handling mental health situations and have more opportunities for community engagement.

"We need to be on top of training," Interim Police Chief Steven Preisch said. "There needs to be a checks and balance. I was very happy with the turn out tonight. I heard some really good comments."

One community member saying, "It's not the police versus us, we should all be one working together."

Grady Burch knew Troy Hodge to be a 'Good Man' and hopes the family will see some justice.

"You can talk change but if your steady talking, there is no change," Burch said.

The Hodge Family tells 7 Eyewitness News that they have acquired a lawyer as the investigation continues.