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Is it Christmas? Or the playoffs? Bills apparel flying off shelves

Posted at 11:32 PM, Dec 20, 2019

This Saturday it's Bills versus Patriots. It's a headed rivalry for the Bills Mafia. These games always have fans feeling tense. But this year, it's different - maybe it's the holidays or the playoffs just weeks away. Either way, fans are flocking to the mall for Bills gear.

"That's all they're getting for Christmas. Bills jerseys, Bills hats, Bills everything. Because we're going all the way," said Ricky Estrada, a shopper at Laux Sporting Goods.

Fans bought gifts for friends and family, and for themselves.

"I got me the official Buffalo Bills knitted play off hat," said Jamar Anthony, a shopper at Laux Sporting Goods.

Laux Sporting Goods has seen a massive increase in sales since theBills beat the Steelers, confirming the team earned a spot in the playoffs. The hot ticket items are playoff t-shirts and hats.

"The moral has just been though tthe roof. Having a good sports team in town really just makes everything so much different. Sales are through the roof. Everybody is in a good mood," Eddy Bender, a worker at Laux Sporting Goods said.