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Holiday shopping tips and tricks from Deals and Steals shopping pro Tory Johnson

Posted at 4:27 AM, Nov 25, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Every holiday season brings with it the hustle and bustle (and sometimes stress!) of holiday shopping. But this year, things may be even more tricky because of shortages and supply chain issues being seen across the country. That's why we asked the host of Deals and Steals on Good Morning America to share some of her best holiday shopping advice as you start your search for this year's gifts.

Every week Tory Johnson brings her savvy shopping advice to GMA, and finds some great deals for viewers. 7 Eyewitness News anchor Katie Morse (an avid Deals and Steals shopper...along with her coanchor Ed Drantch) sat down with Tory to ask her to pass along some tips to help all of us this holiday season.

Tory Johnson Deals and Steals
Tory Johnson from GMA's Deals and Steals

Q: This might be a season where money is tight for some families. What can people do if they're going into the holiday season and it's a difficult time?

A: One of the first things you can do is set a budget. Know realistically how much you want to spend. How much you can afford to spend. And really honor that number.

Q: So many of us find ourselves scrolling through Facebook or Instagram - and we get sucked in by ads that look really enticing - but how do I know if what I'm clicking on and what I'm looking at is actually a good deal - and frankly a *real deal?

A: There are so many traps. I have fallen into those traps. I have bought things online because of a Facebook ad I've seen - like a really cute dress, I'm like oh my gosh how is this dress so adorable and it's only $22? And 12 weeks later something shows up that's flimsy material that's not what I expected. If you sense a red flag - listen to yourself. Do a little digging. Google the company. Does anything come up? Can you see where they're based? And make sure you feel confident that if this is not something that's gonna work for you - you've got a way to return it.

Q: There's such a push these days to shop local, and people want to support their local community. Do you have any suggestions if I want to shop local but still get a good deal?

A: You know - sometimes the best deal is saving your community. And you have to accept the fact that shopping local means you might not always get the best price - and that's ok. Because it's really hard to put a price on the misery when we drive down a street and every single store is closed. So don't focus on price per say when you're shopping local. Focus on what it does for your community. Focus on the safety, the vibrancy. That community spirit! And the jobs you're saving in that community. So maybe you're going to pay a couple dollars more - but in the end you are saving a community. And that matters.

Q: Are there any tips or tricks to getting that good deal especially during the holidays? What do *you shop by - what do *you use?

A: Right now is different than any other year. Because we have a supply chain crisis, we have port delays. One of the things I predict for this holiday season is that if you wait to buy that really hot item - it's not going to be on sale the next week - it's not going to be on the shelf. So if you see it now, grab it. And if it should happen to go down in price, save your receipt, go back in and ask for a price adjustment. Most stores, especially the big box retailers have their own price matching. They will honor a price reduction. So if a competitor carries the same product for less money within a certain amount of time, or if within that own retailer they drop the price, they will refund or credit you the difference in that if you bought it.

Deals and Steals
Deals and Steals

Tory's 2021 Shopping Tips - Bottom line:

  • If you see it, grab it
  • Save your receipt
  • Be prepared to ask for a price adjustment

You can see the latest deals Tory has found on the Good Morning America Deals and Steals website.

Happy holiday shopping!