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Historically accurate coffee, Bubble Tea and comic books featured at the popular Pulp 716

Where comic books are not just for kids anymore
Posted at 9:22 AM, Apr 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-06 09:22:45-04

In case you haven't heard, comics are not just for kids anymore. At Pulp 716 in North Tonawanda, they cater to customers of all ages. Owner Amy Berent says "our main demographic is anywhere from seventeen up to seventy sometimes."

The store is brightly lit and features only new comic books. Amy says that each week 150 to 200 new comics are released. Unlike comic books from years ago they are now quality from cover to cover with great writing, artwork and printed on glossy paper.

Pulp 716 also serves up the popular "Bubble Tea" as well as "Historically Accurate Coffee". Amy says that she employed a coffee expert to come up with period coffees "we were able to find out the certain kind of beans, grinding methods and roasting methods from certain time periods.

The shop features tables and chairs so that customers can relax with their comics and beverages. Amy adds "we just want a place for everybody to have to come hang out."
Pulp 716 has two locations: 31 Webster Street, North Tonawanda, NY and 45 East Avenue, Lockport, NY with more info at their website.