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Historic Ward & Dickinson dining car is back in Silver Creek and now a museum

It was built here in 1938
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Posted at 4:43 PM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 07:14:48-04

SIKLVER CREEK, NY {WKBW-TV} — In his days as a Silver Creek police officer, Louis Pelletter used to be a customer at Steve's Diner. Now Lou is the village historian and the Ward & Dickinson dining car is a museum. He says "This was a piece of Silver Creek history-and we became one of Western New York center for dining car manufacturing."

When the diner closed in 1990, Lou headed up the effort to bring it back to the village and restore it as a museum. Lou says "Right now I have the inside pretty well done, but next year I'm going to be working on the outside."

Taking a look around, the dining car looks ready for customers. The antique stove is in place, table settings are on the table and you can almost imagine the smell of coffee being made.

When asked about his special connection to the dining car Lou says pointing to one of the stools "I'm the village historian and I was also a police officer here-so I wanted to make sure I kept my seat."

The Ward & Dickinson Dining Car Museum will be open this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 1pm-3pm during the Silver Creek Festival of Grapes. You can find more information at their Facebook page.