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He's sharing his grandfather's movie making hobby with the world

John Romeo digitized 122 old home movies
Posted at 8:02 AM, Nov 26, 2021

ORCHARD PARK, NY (WKBW-TV) — Before cell phones and video cameras, John Romeo's grandfather Paul Kimaid was making movies. John says "It was a passion for him, in thirty-three years he made a hundred and twenty-two films."

John has digitally preserved his grandfather's films. His mother Betty is especially happy with the result. She starred in many of those home movies. She says "The three of us, my two brothers and myself we were the stars."

Paul Kimaid worked in the family clothing store in South Buffalo, but according to his daughter Betty he would make movies every chance he had. She says "Every birthday, every Christmas every graduation". John adds he " made time for his favorite hobby which was making films of friends, family and people in the business community."

John has created a YouTube page featuring all of his grandfather's films. It has been a great gift to the family and Betty says "I think the thing now that I love is that my granddaughter can see family that she didn't know."

You can visit "Paul Kimaid Presents" on YouTube.