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Getting fit in 2021: At home or in person?

Posted at 8:15 AM, Jan 01, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — It’s that time of year when people hit the reset button and trade in the house slippers for some sneakers to get fit. The question is, will people flock to gyms like catalyst fitness here or work out at home?

“The weather's so bad you can't go out and thing to do is bring some exercise equipment home and exercise,” said Richard Kreger of North Tonawanda.

Kreger, 82, is on a mission to get fit in 2021.

“I’m ready to lose a little weight from sitting around all winter," said Kreger.

Kreger came to Bert’s Bike’s and Fitness on Niagara Falls Boulevard to buy a stationary bike. With gyms at limited capacity, he decided the next best thing is to bring the gym home with him. And many others have the same game plan.

"We’ve got a lot more people looking for fitness equipment, with gyms closing or at limited capacity, people want to stay fit at home so we’ve had a really hard time keeping fitness equipment in stock," said Stephanie Bucalo, a sales associate at Bert's.

Between high demand and shipping delays, fitness items at Bert’s bikes are flying, well, rolling off the shelves. But they still have plenty of fitness accessories, bike trainers and stationary bikes.

"We have trainers starting at $240, they do range to about $500-600. Spin bikes start at about $700," said Bucalo.

With many bringing fitness to the living room, what does that mean for gyms?

"A lot of people do have their new year’s resolutions, this year, we’re not sure how it’s gonna be," said Amy Bueme, owner of Catalyst Fitness.

Bueme fears she won’t be able to handle the usual spike in new year’s visitor at her catalyst fitness locations because of state mandated reduced capacity.

"We need to make a change for ourselves and make ourselves feel better and if our capacity is low, we’re not gonna be able to service them. We need to get back up to 50 or 60%," said Bueme.

Now that fans can go into Bills Stadium, she’s asking the state to consider restaurants and gyms next.

In the meantime, she recommends taking it slow and easing back into your gym routine. Kreger says the same.

"Everybody should get out and do something exercise, to keep their body energized and they’ll live longer!" said Kreger.