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COVID crushing bride-to-be’s plans for ‘first dance’

“I think it's really ridiculous"
Posted at 7:00 PM, Oct 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-01 19:00:48-04

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — “No dancing — and they said that meant — no dancing at all. So, I could kiss my husband at our ceremony — but we could not dance at our reception,” explained Amy Brooks, bride-to-be.

Amy Brooks of Buffalo is the bride-to-be.

Amy Brooks of Buffalo and her fiancé, Chris Klein, received notice that COVID regulations would mean no first dance for the bridge and groom.

No matter what decade, the most precious moment at a wedding is when the newly married couple steps onto the dance floor for their first dance. But for Brooks that 'fairy tale' moment is being crushed COVID.

Amy Brooks of Buffalo and her fiancé , Chris Klein, engagement photo.

“I’ve been daydreaming about it since I can remember,” Brooks declared. Brooks and Klein have been engaged for more than a year. They will wed next Friday, October 9th.

But as they couple finalized their wedding plans, they were told the no dancing rule at weddings includes the newly married couple.

Brooks didn’t want to say publicly where her ceremony and reception will take place other than a venue in the Hamburg area.

Amy Brooks of Buffalo.

“And we got an email from our venue with the wording from the State Liquor Authority kinda of saying — it's them — not us — the kind of posture of the email,” Brooks said.

But the bride-to-be also learned that she won't have that beautiful father daughter dance.

“You know as a little girl — what song am I going to dance to with my dad? Like - oh I like this one or watching my sister or my cousins dance with their fathers. And before I knew Chris, I knew my dad — so that was just such a special moment,” reflected Brooks.

Her fiancé sent a tweet to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz asking for help.Poloncarz responded, saying quote "you should be able to dance with your wife". He directed Klein to email his staff so they could reach out to the county health department.

Brooks also spoke to a member of the county executive's communication staff Thursday learning some venues are allowing newlywed couples and family dances on a 'case-by-case' basis.

“But he said that it had to come from the state level — in writing,” Brooks replied. 7

Eyewitness News received a written statement from the county executive's office:

"According to the Erie County Department of Health, wedding venues that also serve alcohol are required to follow current NY Forward and State Liquor Authority guidance for events. Please reach out to Empire State Development or the State Liquor Authority for clarification on their guidance as it relates to traditional family dances at events."

We have reached out to the SLA, but have yet too received a response.

“I think it's really ridiculous that I’m fighting for this,” responded Brooks.

The couple is complying to the other rules, such as a smaller guest list. They slashed it from 175 to the mandated 50 guests. Brooks said they will also follow mask wearing when standing during the ceremony and event that will take place all at the same venue.

“What I don't understand — what logically does not compute — is why I can't dance with my dad — who I see regularly and with my husband — who I will literally kiss in front of everybody that day — it doesn't make sense,” Brooks noted.

For now the bride-to-be says she's keeping her fingers crossed that someone will ease the restrictions in time for that first dance as husband and wife.