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Buffalo Teachers Federation: "Enough talk. Let's see some action"

Posted at 11:32 PM, Feb 09, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — In the hours after a violent attack outside McKinley High School,the superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools, Kriner Cash, addressed the attack that left one student stabbed and a security guard shot.

“What I will do with my staff, I've already directed them, is we are going to reset McKinley in a phased approach,” said Cash.

Cash said there have been problems at the high school when it comes to violence.

“There has been a plan in place, for some time, with McKinley, because we've had bumps here, much of the year,” added Cash outside McKinley High School.

The head of the Buffalo Teachers Federation wasn't surprised when he learned about the shooting.

“Well unfortunately,” said Phil Rumore, during a phone interview. “We saw it coming. We've been warning about the discipline at McKinley for years now.”

Rumore said even in the last couple of weeks, he's heard about violence against teachers.

“She was thrown to the ground and some of the girls were kicking her. We're hearing that students are afraid to come to school because of the violence in the school,” said Rumore.

Cash says Buffalo Public Schools have been working to make McKinley High School safer.

“We put additional teachers, additional staffing in the hallways so that we can monitor the passing of classes. We put additional resources at least 15 additional staffing resources this year alone,” said Cash.

Both the district and teacher's federation believe this attack needs to be a catalyst for change at the school.

“Something has to be done. Enough talk let's see some action,” said Rumore.