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Farm-to-table dinners benefitting Roswell Park families see huge response from community

Still Water Farm in Boston hosts picnics for kids with cancer and blood disorders
Posted at 4:50 AM, Jul 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-05 11:40:51-04

At still water farms in Boston—it’s all about relationships. Relationships with the animals they raise and relationships with the restaurants they work with.

"It was a natural progression after we established relationships with a lot of these chefs and this just became a good idea, people like to come out here" said Margaret Braymiller, Owner of Stillwater Farm.

Those relationships allowed them to give people a unique dining experience with some of WNY’s most popular chefs.

"They are literally cooking on an open fire out in the middle of a field people come out from the city and really from all over, we’ve had people from other states," said Braymiller.

You can enjoy food from Chef Darian Bryan, Chef Ross Warhol from Oliver's and chef Michael Dimmer from Marble and Rye.

"It’s a 3-4 hour experience of 6-7 courses with wine pairings and cocktail pairings, you get to see us cooking live over a fire,” said Dimmer.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience for customers, great for the chefs and huge for a local cause. Money raised from dinners benefits CARE at Stillwater.

"Which stands for cultivating a restorative environment and that’s where we offer the opportunity for pediatric patients and their families to come out for a picnic," said Braymiller.

These patients are part of the Roswell Prk and Oishei Children’s Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders program. Braymiller is also works in the pediatric department at Roswell. She sees what these families go through daily.

"It’s a lot for families to take on but coming here, it’s peaceful, it’s interesting. To see them out here in this environment just enjoying themselves and having a great meal with chefs who are interested in teaching about what they do is really magical,” said Braymiller.

Chefs also teach families healthy meals these kids can enjoy during treatment. These dinners went on sale back in April and they have seen a huge community response.

"We have sold out. [In] like three days max, it was very quick...if you told me that was gonna happen I would never have expected it," said Braymiller.

The plan is to double the amount of dinners next year, giving even more funds to the CARE foundation.

If you'd like to donate to the CARE foundation, click here.