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City school teacher is ‘Buffalo Strong’ for her students

“If they need help — I can help them"
Posted at 5:23 PM, Feb 03, 2021

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — For 30 years a Buffalo Public School teacher has been going the extra distance to support her student.

Jeanne Wolf engaging with her third graders at Hillery Park during a lesson Wednesday.

Jeanne Wolf is being highlighted as a Western New York who embodies the Buffalo Strong spirit.

“If you feel like you want to get up and move around with the song — feel free to do,” Jeanne Wolf told her students.

Wolf was working to engage her third graders at Hillery Park Elementary in south Buffalo during a remote lesson Wednesday.

Students at her school have not returned for in-person learning at this time.

Even after 30-years of teaching, her dedication and passion remain very strong, and she always puts her students first.

Jeanne Wolf has been a Buffalo Public School teacher for 30 years.

“I try to make sure that they feel comfortable enough to say — ‘I don't get it — can you help me’ — I think making those connections is really the most important thing,” Wolf explained.

Wolf said she connects with her students beyond the classroom, making home visits.

At Halloween she visited their homes with treats and she cheers them on after school.

“I’ve gone to cheerleading events — I’ve just gone to watch — baseball — volleyball,” recalls Wolf.

When a new student arrived, she learned he play football and attended his game.

Jeanne Wolf is a 3rd grade teacher at Hillery Park Elementary in Buffalo.

“You know I just like making those connections — making the kids realize that they are important to me — an I haven't forgotten them and that what we do is worthwhile,” Wolf said.

“So whatever the needs are, that's where Jeanne's going to be — that's the type of human being she is — that's the type of teacher she is,” remarked Vincent Vanderlip, principal.

Vanderlip said Wolf embodies passion, empathy and intelligence for her students.

Vincent Vanderlip, principal, Hillery Park Elemetnary.

“And she does it with such grace and professionalism and consistency — she's just a stalwart for our school,” stated Vanderlip.

Wolf is also a mom. She has three sons and say she makes sure her students know about her family.

Jeanne Wolf with her husband Tom and three children.

She said always tells her students how as a young girl, she struggled in school with reading, but later earned a master degree in reading.

Jeanne Wolf as a young elementary student.

“I tell the kids all the time — I didn't not like reading — I hated reading,” Wolf responded.

Wolf says it's just a part of what she does as a teacher.

“If they need help — I can help them,” Wolf replied.

Outside Hillery Park Elementary in south Buffalo.

She helped the mother of one her student's to get her child's remote learning device fixed.

“Okay everything's okay - just bring it into school and I will take it over and see what I can do to help you get it fixed,” described Wolf.

South District Common Council Member Chris Scanlon recognized her dedication Monday with a proclamation — declaring it “Mrs. Wolf Day" in the City of Buffalo.

Teacher Jeanne Wolf holds up a city proclamation — declaring it “Mrs. Wolf Day" in the city of Buffalo.

“I have young teachers — we tell them — Jeanne Wolf is somebody you can certainly learn from,” Vanderlip said.

Wolf says she believes that students want a teacher that listens to them.

"They need someone to talk to who’s just going to listen,” said Wolf.

Even after 30-years of teaching and in a pandemic, Wolf’s spirit continues in the classroom.

“And sing along with it,” Wolf told students as their lesson continued.