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Businesses raise more than $2,000 for the Aurora Theater

And they're still going
Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 22, 2020

EAST AURORA, N.Y. — Businesses in East Aurora are teaming up to save a small town business with big town heart, the Aurora Theater. They're coming together as a community, showing their Buffalo Strong spirit.

"It's an amazing community, it's amazing to watch how people come together and are there for each other and I don't want to lose that," said Wendy Aplin, Co-Owner of Andrew's Barber Parlor in Main St.

She grew up going to the 95-year-old theater and can't imagine her neighborhood without it. But the screen has been dark since March and no one knows when the show will go on.

"It's families, it's usually just such a festive place, so it's very lonely right now here," said Lynn Kinsella, who owns the theater.

New York State is currently working on a plan to reopen theaters, according to Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. In the meantime, bills still need to be paid.

"So many people were concerned about our future...many people came to us and said 'can we start a GoFundMe', we said no, we don't want a handout," said Kinsella.

But Alpin talked her into a plan. They got jars and made signs, asking local businesses to put them on their counters to collect donations.

"We just wanted to help out, so when Wendy asked me if I'd put the jar, I said absolutely and we've done very very well with it," said Bob Aures, owner of Pizza Del Aureo's on Oakwood Ave.

They've raised $2,000 and counting. You can find donation jars at the following businesses:

  • Aurora Brew Works
  • Beulas
  • The Co-op
  • Glam Chair
  • The Globe
  • Kickstand Culture
  • Mambrino King
  • Masterson's Garden
  • Metamorphosis Pilates
  • Pizza Del Aureo's
  • Pure Essence Salon
  • The Roycroft
  • Sara Ann Salon
  • TNT Oil Change
  • Walk in Closet

"It's been a real win win and bringing this community together and that's what going to the movies is. It really isn't our theater, it belongs to the East Aurora community," said Kinsella.

A community coming together to make sure this story has a happy ending.