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Blessing Bags for truckers for their essential work

"There's no end in sight for our mission"
Posted at 6:13 PM, May 21, 2020

CLARENCE, NY (WKBW) — “We are on a mission now. There's no end in sight for our mission,” declared Laurie Syms, parishioner, Ashbury United Methodist Church.

Truckers are receiving a special gift of thanks from a church in Getzville.

Parishioners from Ashbury United Methodist Church hand out Blessing Bags to truckers.

Blessing Bags are being handed out by the Asbury United Methodist Church at truck stop areas along the Thruway.

A simple way of saying thank you for being an essential worker and another Western New Yorkers are embracing the #BuffaloStrong spirit.

We caught up with Syms and parishioner Amy Diati at the Clarence Service Center as they handed out Blessing Bags to truckers.

“We’ve had truck drivers that were stuck and they couldn't get out and this was there only food that they could get,” Diati remarked.

bags .jpg
Blessing Bags for truckers.

These church ladies had a car trunk packed with goodie bags, each filled with a drink, snacks, fruit and a religious token.

The church wants to recognize the truck drivers who are essential workers in transporting goods and services during the pandemic.

They’ve now handed out more than 600 of the bags to truckers.

The ladies knock on the vehicle window, if the trucker is not there to accept the gift back, they leave them on top of their truck for a pick up.

“I didn’t know what it was,” said Sean Bushell, a trucker from Florida.

Sean Bushell, a trucker from Florida.

Bushell transports all types of items and was heading to Buffalo Thursday. He travels with his dog Zeek by his side. He said it’s tough at times to be on the road, but he liked his Blessing Bag.

“And i appreciate that,” Bushell responded.

The church is also providing treats for the truckers with pets.

At the church on Dodge Road, parishioner Pat Hair, who has lead this effort, showed us where all the items are packed.

“Well we're hoping to go at through next week, but as long as there's a need. We're going to keep going,” Hair explained.

Inside the Ashbury United Methodist Church where the bags are packed.

Diati and Syms say the reaction from the truckers has been “heartwarming.”

“This one gentleman said to me this is unbelievable. I thank you so much. This is more thanks than I’ve gotten from my company for what I’ve been doing through this pandemic,” recalled Syms.

“We had one truck driver who wrote us a nice long letter it was just a beautiful letter,” Diati said.

The women say their church congregation is small, but “very mighty.”

“You don't know how blessed you until you can be a blessing to others,” Syms noted.