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A 13-year-old’s birthday wish to give back to kids living with autism

Donte Naylor will turn 13 on December 3
Posted at 12:30 PM, Dec 02, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — It’s the season of giving in WNY. The air is colder and hearts are kinder and if you ask Donte Naylor, he'll tell you this is the most "Ausome" time of the year.

"Yes I am so excited," said Naylor of Buffalo

Donte is known as the "King of Ausome," spelled with an "au" for autism. He was diagnosed at the age of two.

"At the time of the diagnosis, that basically meant that he would fail to thrive in every area of his life related to social communication and such," said his mother Chuki.

Ten years later, his mother says he's very social. He's a boy scout and very concerned about helping others.

"And we call him the King of Ausome because we really think he is that awesome,” said Naylor.

King of ausome has become his brand. His mother shares videos on Instagram of the good moments and the tough days. In the car one day he told his mom what he wants for his birthday this year: to host a toy drive for other kids living with autism.

“I recorded it because I thought it was strange that one, he wanted to give away toys, but also wanted to giveaway toys for your birthday," said Naylor.

To make his birthday wish come true, they went to local businesses collecting donations.

"He’s received donations from Explore & More Museum, donations from Wegman's, Dunkin' Donuts Amherst...The kindness of others is really just mind blowing here in Buffalo,” said Naylor.

And now they have around 400 toys in their living room, which will go to kids living with autism and their siblings from 75 local families.

His mom asked how the toy drive made him feel.

"Happy. So happy and proud," replied Donte.

On December 3, his 13th birthday, he’ll finish sorting through the toys and officially launch his King of Ausome brand.

"We’ll be selling support his efforts to spread awareness," said Naylor.

And next year, he’ll do it all again.

"He struggles with communication, so for people to help him get his needs met meant the world to me because it meant that for the first time as he’s growing into the man he’s gonna become, I could see he would be included," said Naylor.

Those 75 families will get all of those toys on December 4 at True Bethel Baptist Church from 2-4pm. They'll have pictures with Santa and a celebration.

They’re providing free transportation for ASD families to the event with wheelchair accommodations as well.

You can follow their journey on Instagram, by clicking here.