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17-year-old Buffalo girl starts her own soap business amid pandemic

City Honors Senior Noah Baldon is already a business owner, but her dreams are just getting started
Posted at 6:51 AM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 06:51:56-05

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — She's a 'fabulous' entrepreneur, an aspiring architect and a senior at City Honors School. 17-year-old Noah Baldon of Buffalo is ambitious to say the least.

“I thought the whole idea of having my own business would be really cool, because I would be my own boss,” said Baldon.

She wanted to be productive with her free time and found that not many places were hiring, so she hired herself. Last fall, she interned with a family friend who runs MMW Style Studio on Main Street in Buffalo who gave her business advice and confidence.

Other family members and friends acted as investors, giving her cash to launch So(ap) Fabulous in November.

“I knew that she was fabulous from day 1, so it’s great as a mom to see her realizing how fabulous she is," said Tiana Daniels, Baldon's mother.

She makes scents like rose, lavender, honey and sandalwood. Sometimes collaborating with other local businesses to make new products.

  • Soap Bars are $5
  • 8 oz Face Scrubs are $5
  • 16 oz Body Scrub are $10
  • Both scrubs together are $15

In the past 3 months, she’s sold more than 500 products.

“I have one person who comes back like twice a month, I’m really grateful for her, she gives great reviews, like ‘Oh Noah I love it!’” said Baldon.

She says she makes the products with all natural ingredients and tests them on herself. As someone who struggles with eczema, Baldon says she wants to help others with similar conditions one day expanding into skincare.

“I’m gonna also start working on a body wash. It’s hard to find products that don’t make me flare up or break out," said Baldon.

She’ll be off to college next fall, looking to attend Howard University in Washington D.C. to study architecture and she plans to take her business with her.

“I definitely want to continue through college, then I wouldn’t have to do work study or pick up a job outside of college. It’d be a nice way to do what I love and continue helping them with their skin," said Baldon.

17-year-old Noah Baldon makes and sells her own products
17-year-old Noah Baldon makes and sells her own products

She says none of this would be possible without her support system. She hopes that her story might one day inspire others.

"I think that’s so cool that I could be someone that little girls look up to," said Baldon.

You can reach out to Baldon to make an order on the social media sites below.

Soap Fabulous Instagram

Soap Fabulous Facebook