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Boy or Girl? The earliest gender reveal available in Western New York

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jan 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-30 06:54:19-05

NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WKBW) — At Baby's Bungalow in North Tonawanda, mom Adelynn Stanton was able to watch her 17-week-old daughter, named Piper, make herself comfortable. Stanton is at the beginning stages of her second trimester, but she's already getting views unlike many people have ever seen.

"We offer 3D, 4D, HD live packages where families can come in and see what the baby looks like further along and get to know the baby," explained Baby's Bungalow CEO and President Bridget Gilewski.

"It's just so special," Stanton said. "It's just so special to be able to see your baby."

Baby's Bungalow offers unique views of your baby, and also offers something you can't get anywhere else. The medical professionals there will tell you the gender of your baby at 13 weeks with 99% accuracy. That's the earliest in Western New York.

"Most people have to wait for their doctors office for their 18-22 week screening, so they come to us - and we tell them ahead of time," explained Gilewski.

These days many parents can't wait to find out if they're having a boy or girl, and the gender reveal parties that have become so popular have meant a big boost in business for gender scans. They're the most common scan done at Baby's Bungalow.

"The gender reveal phenomenon, I would say, has increased, just in the last five years, 80%" said Gilewski.

Even if you want to keep the gender a surprise, Gilewski says you can still get an experience you won't find anywhere else. Family and friends are invited to the bungalow's spa-like atmosphere to watch the scans, and the room comfortably holds 10 people.

The scans don't replace visits with a doctor, and they're not covered by insurance, but they are a unique way to get an up-close experience with your baby before the birth.

"We could really see her chubby cheeks and her little face," Stanton said, as she talked about seeing the scan of Piper.

Gilewski says even though she's been in the field for years, she has no plans to stop anytime soon because she loves being able to offer families amazing views of their little ones.

"When they get those fat cheeks and they're yawning and sucking their thumb - It never gets old. I've been doing this over 20 years and it's just so beautiful," she said.

The different services have different prices. A gender reveal is $79 dollars, and other visits range between $50 - $210. You can find all of the information on making an appointment at Baby's Bungalow - as well as frequently asked questions - here on their website.