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Orion's Landing is a new hotspot for gamers mixing classics with high-end Virtual Reality

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Posted at 3:53 PM, Aug 04, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Step inside Orion's Landing in Blasdell and memories of being a kid with a pocket full of quarters come rushing back.

"We are bringing the arcade back to where it used to be in the glory years," says Chris Milligan, one of the Co-Founders of Orion's Landing.

Orion's Landing offers gaming enthusiasts a mix of classic arcade games along with the very latest in virtual reality technology.

Chris opened the entertainment complex with his brother Ken Milligan in March of 2021.

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Brothers Ken and Chris Milligan opened Orion's Landing in March of 2021

"The whole concept of Orion's Landing is a social space for people that are into gaming, for people that are into multi-media. People that just want to come out and be social," Ken Milligan tells 7 News. "We wanted a location based company where you can actually take the family out, of all ages, and have fun together at the same level," added Chris.

That fun is easy to come by. Orion's Landing offers everything from bubble hockey, and foosball to classics like NBA Jam and Donkey Kong but it's the high end Virtual Reality that is the flagship attraction.

orions landing nba jam.jpg
Orion's Landing offers a variety of classic video games and the latest in Virtual Reality technology

"We have 14 stations. We can have 14 people in the 'Room Scale VR', Then we have 4 racing simulators. It's an F1 car right now," says Ken.

And the VR options are endless. You can try player versus player games, cooperative games and the popular hour long Virtual Reality escape rooms.

Frame from the Virtual Reality game 'Alice" that is one of the virtual escape rooms offered Orions Landing

"Ours are more escape experiences. You are not in a room. You are in a vast temple with 1000 foot ceilings with a statue staring at you was you move," says Chris. "It's like waking up inside the most vivid dream you can ever remember and being able to control it."

The Virtual Reality games are incredible but Orion's Landing offers much much more. There is a snack bar that features handmade pizza, there is a full bar including several different beers, and a 24-foot stage for bands and Karaoke. The space is perfect for everything from outings with friends to birthday parties.

Both Ken and Chris have backgrounds in computer science. The computers at Orion's Landing that run the Virtual Reality games are all custom built.

orions landing inside space.jpg
Orion's Landing has a full bar, a stage and offers handmade pizza.

"If you have some spare time and are looking for something to do. Come out and talk to us," says Ken.

Ken and Chris credit what they call an "amazing staff" for making Orion's Landing what it is. Pointing to Oliver Eisenberger, Zachary Tesi and Kaley Hearn as helping to drive the fun.

Virtual Reality experiences range in price from $10 to $30 depending on the game and duration.

Orion's Landing is open Wednesday through Sunday and is located at 3800 Lakeshore Road in Blasdell.

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