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'Calling all short girls:' Shortgirl clothing brand is finding its perfect fit in Buffalo

Posted at 1:54 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 18:25:16-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — There is a new Buffalo-born clothing brand that is proudly "calling all short girls."

'Shortgirl' clothing is a new e-commerce business that founder Sue Schaffstall says addresses an age-old issue.

"I am 4-foot-9 and I have always struggled with finding clothes that fit properly," says Schaffstall. "I thought I would try and solve a problem for other short girls out there."

short girl sue
Sue Schaffstall says a desire to "solve a problem for other short girls out there" led to the creation of shortgirl clothing.

Feeding off years of frustration Schaffstall turned to creativity and spent two years designing and developing the shortgirl brand. "We make clothing for women who have a difficult time fitting even into petites," says Schaffstall.

The brand launched in May with shortgirl jeans.

short girl 4.jpg

"They are a straight leg jean, they are mid-rise, they fall just below your navel", says Schaffstall. "The difference between mine and the standard petite is that we sell by inseam." "My jeans come in a 25, 26 or a 27 inseam which is unheard of in the women's clothing industry. No one else does that right now."

Shortgirl jeans are manufactured in the United States and are hand cut and hand sewn using denim from California. The jeans, for now, can only be purchased online and retail for $189.00. Schaffstall says it's for good reason.

short girl jeans.jpg

"You are going to get these home, you are going to put them on, and they are going to fit.", says Schaffstall. "You aren't going to have them sit in a drawer or take them to your tailor to get them altered. They are going to fit you right out of the box."

The hope is that shortgirl jeans is only the beginning for the brand.

"My goal is to have an entire clothing line. We are already looking at our next jean wash, so we are going to go little bit lighter. Also a nice black pant, because what woman doesn't want a good pair of black pants."

Shortgirl clothing, a Buffalo born brand, with an eye on helping women across the globe.

"My goal is to make women everywhere, who are shorter and have had this problem, feel good about themselves, feel confident. If you feel good, you can do anything.", says Schaffstall.

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