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Burley Brothers Country Butchery offers USDA meats and a new resource in Attica

Burley Brothers Country Butchery
Posted at 1:41 PM, Jul 14, 2022

ATTICA (WKBW) — If you are looking for a great steak, or a creative cut of meat, Burly Brothers Country Butchery might just be a perfect destination.

The new state of the art full USDA beef and pork processing center opened in May, and is proudly situated on a family farm on Werner Road in Attica.

Burly Brothers Meat
Burly Brothers Country Butchery in Attica offers fresh locally grown beef and pork

The new facility is named after brothers Alex, Ryan and Bobby Piechocki. The siblings were given the "burly" nickname from their grandfather because of their ability to grow facial hair at a young age. It was a joke. But what began as a nickname has turned into a business that is building on years of tradition.

Saige and Ryan Piechocki
Saige and Ryan Piechocki unload a fresh cart of beef at Burley Brothers Country Butchery in Attica.

"Three generations now," says Ryan Pierchocki. "My great grandfather was a livestock dealer and a dairy farmer. My grandfather was in agricultural construction and a dairy farmer in Florida. My father followed in his footsteps in commercial and agricultural construction, and still does both to this day. Then we have a beef farm and raise our own crops and our own cattle."

pierchocki family.jpg
Burley Brothers Country Butchery is owned and operated by several members of the Piechocki Family which is building on generations of tradition in Attica.

Burly Brothers is the name of the business, but don't let it fool you. The new butchery is a true family affair and is owned and operated by several members of the Piechocki family, including Ryan's wife Saige.

"Everything in our store, and in our place, is from our own beef farm," says Saige Piechocki. "You know it's raised locally and how it's raised. You can see the animals driving by. When you go to the grocery store that isn't the case. You don't always know where it's coming from."

And locally grown beef and pork means farm to table freshness and the highest quality products are offered in the store. Burly Brothers processes all of it's meat right on site and under full USDA guidelines which also offers an additional resource for other local farmers.

Burly Brothers Market
The store front offers a large selection of locally grown products and Burly Brothers Country Butchery merchandise

"We process everything under inspection, full USDA", says Saige. "Basically any farmer that brings cattle here to be processed can take their beef all the way to retail. They don't have to sell custom exempt."

"Now they can take it right to retail", adds Ryan. "They can sell it to grocery stores, they can sell it to restaurants. A lot of them are opening their own farm stands at their farm. It's furthering their product with what they already have, without growing in any way"

All of the beef offered at Burly Brothers Country Butchery is grown on local farms.

Customers visiting the butchery have a huge selection of fresh and frozen meat options to select from. "Everyone likes a good steak," says Ryan. "T-bones, delmonicos, porter house, strips and tenderloins while they are here. They go pretty quick."

Burly Brothers also offers creative cuts including a six pound Burly Behemoth Burger and a Touchdown Tip Roast, which is a sirloin tip, shaped like a football.

Touchdown Tip Roast
The Touchdown Tip Roast is one of the many creative cuts of meat offered at the store

So if you are a farmer looking for a new resource for your business, or a meat lover looking for a fresh steak, consider a trip to Burly Brothers Country Butchery. The Piechocki family would welcome the visit as they look to build a community staple that will be around for years to come.

"We plan to double our crew in the next three months. Double our production," says Ryan. "Do a good job at what we are doing, and provide for the community."

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