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Alden teen graduates with perfect attendance from pre-K to 12th grade

Cole Eggers never missed a day of school
Posted at 4:58 AM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 06:11:30-04

ALDEN, N.Y. (WKBW) — As Cole Eggers gets ready for his final moments at Alden Central High School, he’s thinking back to where he started.

"It’s worth it to show up to school and learn, you can miss some vital information if you miss a day I guess," said Eggers.

He has to guess because he wouldn’t know what missing a day is like.

"Since I was in pre-K I’ve never missed a day of school up until today and people tell me it’s a good achievement," said Eggers.

Between going to school, sports, boy scouts and getting a jump start on his future career, Eggers never missed a beat.

"You get a little certificate saying perfect attendance, my mom’s got like 13 of them sitting at home in a box. My mom wouldn’t let me try to skip school on senior skip day or anything either, so I went in and left early," said Eggers.

Eggers has 13 certificates at home recognizing his perfect attendance
Eggers has 13 certificates at home recognizing his perfect attendance

You would think everyone needs a sick day here and there, right? Wrong.

"It’s just my immune system never really got sick so I was always there, showing up to school, on time," said Eggers.

But achieving this goal wasn't without challenges. Eggers says the toughest part throughout this entire journey, was getting up to go to school during the pandemic.

"With all the troubles you have with internet and getting up in the morning, getting into the routines, he didn’t miss anything," said Bill MacCowan, Assistant Principal at Alden Central High.

Eggers getting on the bus at age 5
Eggers getting on the bus at age 5

He says he pushed through thinking something good could come from consistency. And he was right.

"I got a $750 scholarship, the pioneer award and they said it was from my academic earnings," said Eggers.

“I can’t say how proud we are of Cole for this achievement, to be able to put this on a resume just speaks volumes," said MacCowan

After graduation, he's going to school to get his welding certificate, with plans to start a welding career.