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7 tips to help transition your dog to a new routine

With the right training, you can reduce your dog's anxiety
Posted at 4:51 AM, Sep 13, 2021

GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. (WKBW) — As parents and kids start getting back into that routine, it can be a tough transition for your pet. Especially for those pandemic puppies who really aren’t used to being alone.

"So the dog could revert and show you negative behaviors," said Jason Hornquist, local dog trainer.

Chewing things around the house, crying, trying to escape the crate, Hornquist says these are all signs of anxiety. This is most likely do to a change in your routine.

"Dogs are now being left home for 8-10 hours a day and people are realizing their dogs are having a little issues," said Hornquist.

Hornquist says working dogs together can be helpful for their learning
Hornquist says working dogs together can be helpful for their learning

It can get frustrating and some choose to surrender their dogs for this reason, but he says training is the key. He holds private and group training sessions at The Dog Bar on Grand Island and says when done right, you could see changes in 21 to 28 days.

"Everyday, 15-20 minutes, you can practice everything we’re teaching you here on your 20 minute walk, if you follow through for a couple weeks, your dog should be on the right path to success," said Hornquist.

So he shared seven tips with me to help get you and your dog started:
1. It’s all about structure and routine, keeping it consistent helps the dog catch on.

2. Instead of focusing on punishing bad behavior, make sure you’re really praising your dog for doing things well.

"Certain dogs use foods, certain dog use a ball, any motivation for the dog, but the main thing I like to use is me and my voice," said Hornquist.

3. Let your dog make friends. Hornquist says working dogs together can help them pick up good behaviors.

4. Sending dog to daycare with friends makes sure they’re too tired to get anxious.

5.When your dog is in the crate, leave them with something.

"You can get kongs, fill them up with frozen peanut butter, whipped cream freeze them overnight, when you leave in the morning, toss it to your dog so at least they have brain stimulation," said Hornquist.

6. When things get frustrating, take a break. You might not see changes right away, give your dog time to learn and step back when it starts to get tough.

7. Make sure you follow through.

"The owner has to be just as involved and just as willing to commit to fixing these issues, but if you do not follow through and you do not keep up, it’s like if you don’t use it, you forget it," said Hornquist.

When we talk about these solutions, how much will they cost?

  • Training
    • Private sessions at The Dog Bar cost $400-600 dollars for 6+ sessions of training
    • Group sessions at The Dog Bar cost $50-100
  • Daycare
    • Looking at a few local options, that’ll cost you anywhere from $25-30 for a full day
    • Many offer bundles where you can buy packages in bulk for cheaper
    • The Dog Bar is having a $110 for 6 day deal right now
  • Dog walkers
    • The website rover is like uber for dog walking, showing you walkers in your area
    • In Buffalo, they range from $13-20/walk.