Local music legends celebrated at the Buffalo Museum of Science

Exhibit presented by Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame
Posted at 9:08 PM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 21:11:58-05

The Buffalo Museum of Science is rockin' a cool display that celebrates guitars, vibration and sound. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits for kids of all ages including the world's largest  playable electric guitar.

Right next door is the 7 One Picks exhibit presented by the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. Greg Hennessey put together the collection of guitars and memorabilia. He says "there are a lot of local legends represented here including "David Lucas, he was the more cowbell guy."

Here you'll find a Goo Goo Dolls guitar and one from local kid song star Glenn Colton. Michael Spriggs is represented here, he was a Brit who grew up in Buffalo and was in The Rogues a popular local band.

One of the most recorded guitars owned by Tommy Tedesco is on display. Greg says "Tommy was part of the wrecking crew, used on over a thousand recordings including the theme songs from Green Acres, Mash and Bonanza.

There is a 1936 Gibson L-4 here and according to Greg it belongs to a very special local legend "Vince Blasio is our  oldest living member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame at a hundred and three years old.

7 One Picks is sponsored by Chakra Communications.

The big guitar show runs through May 7th. More info about that at the Buffalo Museum Of Science web site.

More info about the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame at their website