Local man becomes a YouTube sensation

Flight attendant makes passengers smile
Posted at 8:42 PM, Sep 07, 2016

The friendly skies have been more fun since Zach Haumesser became a flight attendant. Before landing his job with a popular airline over year ago, Zach was entertaining locally as an actor, impressionist and puppeteer.

Recently, on a flight to Chicago, a passenger recorded Zach, on the job doing his "thing". He launched into a patter of Looney Tunes characters while giving the landing instructions. The video was put on YouTube and in less than twenty four hours Zach had over a million hits. In the internet world, it was obvious that Zach's video was going viral.

Zach says "within a day it was getting so many hits, I was like I'm a YouTube sensation, being sarcastic about it". More than four million viewers have checked out the impromptu performance.

Zach will be operating puppets for the Aurora Players upcoming production of Little Shop Of Horrors, meanwhile maybe you can catch in action aboard a flight or on YouTube.