Local charity to help 8 year-old battling rare brain cancer

Posted at 1:02 PM, Sep 01, 2016

"I'm Sebastian Bradley, the greatest person in the whole entire universe besides the president," exclaims the 8 year-old. You can hardly tell he's been fighting a rare form of brain cancer since February.

The only telltale signs of his cancer come when he takes off his baseball cap and patches of short hair are revealed. The patches are where doctors shaved away hair to operate on Sebastian's brain tumor.

"He's had about nine surgeries in about four months," said Shane Bradley, Sebastian's dad. 

It's been a tough battle, but one they haven't done alone. Family, friends and the staff and students at Forest Elementary in Williamsville have rallied behind their superhero.

A local charity called 26 Shirts is now selling a Buffalo Bills themed shirt to help Sebastian pay his medical bills.

"8 dollars of every shirt we sell we donate to a local family or charity," says Del Reid, founder of 26 Shirts.

He says several people reached out to him, hoping to help Sebastian.

After Sebastian's diagnosis earlier this year, he had to leave his 2nd grade class. This fall, he's returning to the same classroom, the same desk with the same teacher. 

"Here we are in the same place, but we're in a whole new situation," says Kim Grimm, Sebastian's 2nd grade teacher. She guided her class through the departure of a beloved classmate last school year and now she's hoping Sebastian will be well enough to see this year all the way through.

In addition to his medical treatments and the financial support from 26 Shirts, Sebastian says he's trying a few other ways to get better.

"Every time I see a shooting star I hope that I get better, or, when I find a four leaf clover, I want to get better and get pizza."

You can purchase theshirts through September 11th here.