Lighthouse has beautiful views and ghostly tales

Posted at 10:32 AM, Oct 31, 2018

There is a lot of history at the 30 Mile Point Ligthouse at Golden Hill State Park in Barker, NY. Afterall the place was built in 1875. According to the people who work here there are a lot of ghosts too.

The place is open for tours providing breathtaking views of Lake Ontario. The second floor is the lighthouse cottage where most of the ghostly experiences have happened.

Park & Rec. aid Adrienne Clark was in the building alone and heard the TV go on. She says "the volume kept going up and down and I ran out of there so quick."

Barb Larson gives tours here and has a photo of a "spirit" that one of the guests took. Brandon Sandolfilni, a park worker, has heard footsteps and voices in the building.

For $200 a night you can stay in the quaint Lighthouse Cottage and maybe experience your own ghostly encounter.

Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse at Golden Hill State Park in Barker, NY. There is more info available at their website.