Lackawanna digging out from under 5 feet of snow

Posted at 11:39 PM, Nov 19, 2014

Lackawanna is another community left inundated with snow following Tuesday’s Lake Effect snowstorm – and more snow is coming.

A State of Emergency and driving ban remain in place. The city received five feet of snow in a single day and crews are working to clear as much as they can before the next round hits. Many took advantage of the brief lull on Wednesday.

The sun was out and shining off front-end loaders, which worked to clear roads littered with abandoned cars and even a bus. Some residents started up their snowmobiles while others walked where they needed to go to pick up supplies like bread and milk.

Mayor Geoff Szymanski says his crews have opened most of the main roads for emergency vehicles, but he is urging drivers to follow the ban. Crews are hauling as much snow as possible away from the city.

Anyone with a medical emergency is asked by officials to call 911, including those who may need kidney dialysis in the next couple of days.