Kyle Williams' touchdown play a surprise to most on team

Posted at 8:37 AM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 09:06:48-05

The Buffalo Bills are days away from their first post-season match up.  These guys are in full preparation mode.

Defensive Tackle Kyle Williams has been with the Bills since 2006.  He's become the heart and soul of the team and a fan favorite.

Last Sunday, Williams made that one yard touchdown against the Dolphins.  It was the first of his career.

We spoke one-on-one with Williams.  He explained that celebration after the touchdown was spontaneous.  In fact, many of his teammates didn't really know that play was even going to happen.

"We only practiced that once last week and it was separated from the defense.  So they would have never seen it... it was something quick that we hit and practiced and said alright we'll run it if we get in the situation. Really, the first time any of those guys saw it was when we got on the field," Williams said.  

Sunday's win against Miami is in the past.  Now the team's main focus is on beating the Jaguars.

"I think my excitement you can see after the game on Sunday.  Everyone you're going to talk to, I feel like we've got such a strong, focused group that you're going to see we've shifted gears. We've gone into preparation and game mode in trying to get ready for Jacksonville. So we've let that die and it's time to move on," Williams said.

Williams has been on the team since 2006.  He's outlasted many different coaches including Chan Gailey, Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan.  

Marrone is now the head coach of the Jaguars.

Williams said that has no impact on his game.

"I think if you're around long enough, you see friends and teammates leave, you see coaches leave. whether those guys left on good terms, bad terms, terms you don't even know, or understand... if you're around long enough you've seen it ... it happens," Williams said.

On Thursday, Williams spent time running through drills with his squad.  

Is this Buffalo Bills team ready and prepared to win this game?  Williams said the team is getting there.

"We've had two good days of practice and preparation.  We're going to have another full day, another walk through day.  We need to continue to prepare and get ready to win all the way up to the football game.  So hopefully nobody is satisfied with what they've done so far.  We're going to work up to kick off," Williams said.

The Bills take on the Jaguars, in Jacksonville, at 1:05 Sunday afternoon.