Walden Galleria to make changes for the disabled

Posted at 9:11 AM, Feb 25, 2016

People with disabilities will soon have more access at a number of malls.

New York State's Attorney General announced an agreement with Pyramid Management Group LLC, the company that owns the Walden Galleria. It ensures that those with disabilities will have equal access to indoor and outdoor shopping areas in 12 New York State malls.

Pyramid operates the Walden Galleria, as well as Destiny USA in Syracuse. The investigation into the company began after a complaint was filed at Pyramid's Plattsburgh mall.

The AG's office looked at issues in that mall, as well as the Walden Galleria, and found there were a number of problems, including improperly sized parking spaces, moveable objects in the way of travel, and other issues that could impact the disabled in hallways and restrooms.

Under the agreement, Pyramid has agreed to do the following:

  • Retain an ADA consultant who will report to the Attorney General’s Office on compliance with the agreement by Pyramid for three years, and who will survey the covered shopping malls to determine necessary remediations;
  • Take remedial action to ensure that the common areas of each shopping mall comply with the accessibility standards;
  • Develop new policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability and ensuring future compliance with ADA requirements;
  • Conduct ADA training for relevant employees, including property managers and maintenance staff;
  • Submit any plans for new construction or substantial alterations at its shopping malls for review by the ADA consultant; and
  • Post accessibility maps for each shopping mall on its website, as well as instructions on how to obtain complimentary wheelchairs, and any other services available to customers with ambulatory disabilities.

The company also has to pay $160,000 to New York State.