Williamsville daycare provider in danger of losing license

Posted at 3:00 PM, Sep 30, 2019

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WKBW) — A home daycare provider in Williamsville, is under the state's microscope, and is in danger of losing her license or registration.

Rushing along Maple Road in Williamsville, you'd never know a large, white home is a group family daycare facility. It's where the on-site provider, Maya Gardner, is licensed to care for up to 16 children.

Gardner, who didn't want to be interviewed by the I-Team, was first licensed by the state in 2005. Her Linkedin page lists her as the owner and teacher.

This one daycare in particular has been cited by the state Office of Child and Family Services, nine times in the last two years. Eight of those violations have been corrected but there's that ninth that still lingers. It hasn't been corrected and is giving this daycare some trouble.

That holdout violation from May 29, 2019 says:
"caregivers, employees, volunteers and all members of the household must be in good health and be of good character and habits."

In general terms, the state says this violation speaks to being honest, following licensors requests, allowing access, providing genuine documentation, not being involved in illicit or illegal activity and not misleading inspectors. The state would not speak specifically to the issue at this daycare.

Two recommendations on her Linkedin page sing Gardner's praises. One recommendation says, Gardner has "never ending energy; she is warm, caring, responsible and most importantly a wonderful mother of three--a true testament to her character."

Despite that uncorrected violation, the state is letting the daycare stay open pending the outcome of a hearing.

The state says The Learning Tree has requested a hearing but did not say when it would be scheduled.

To see the state report for this daycare, click here.