"They are not firefighters yet," Mayor says of candidates who don't have required safety gear

Equipment is expected Thursday afternoon
Posted at 1:10 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 13:10:47-04

The City of Buffalo leadership is still waiting for a shipment of bailout devices to arrive for some 30 firefighter candidates, who still need this gear.  Each of the candidates are expected to graduate Wednesday night.

The city says they are expected in this afternoon.

We took our questions to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to find out what was going on.

Firefighters are provided this gear to escape from a burning building.   The device is carried in their pocket, allowing them to scale a building, safely.

State law requires each firefighter have this device and do at least one training jump with their own equipment before going out in the field.

Remember, 30 do not have these bailouts and those recruits graduate Wednesday tonight.

Our reporter Ed Drantch asked, "What's the hold up and where's the disconnect in getting these [devices] delivered. 

"We don't see it as the 11th hour.  We don't see it as a disconnect.  We don't see it as a hold up. This is the process for ordering that's been put in place. We feel comfortable with that process.  We are comfortable every graduating firefighter will be supplied with the bailout gear and hey will be provided with the training," Brown said.

"Can you understand why there's concern," Drantch questioned.  

"I can't understand why there's concern at all.  They are not firefighters yet.  They are graduating today they are not in the field they are not working in this community," the mayor said.

"Can you guarantee the equipment will be here today," Drantch asked.

"I can guarantee every ff working will be supplied with the proper bail out equipment will be trained and will not be expected to fight any fires until they have the equipment and they're trained," Brown said.

The first firefighters are due in their respective firehouses, Thursday.

We're told there are enough bailouts for those candidates.  There are still other platoons from this graduating class that report for duty on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The firefighters union says it is crucial all firefighters have this life saving equipment and all new firefighters graduate with the necessary training for this equipment.


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