Hunting for ghosts at the Hinsdale House

It may be WNY's most haunted house
Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 18:35:08-04

On a dead end road in Cattaraugus County you'll discover what may be Western New York's most haunted house. Daniel Klaes bought the place last year which includes a house, a pond, eight acres and who knows how many ghosts? Daniel says" Probably what most people know about are the 1973 failed exorcisms that happened here at the house."

Daniel is the co-founder of the Western New York Paranormal Society. He saved the house from demolition and now gives tours, often to other people who are interested in ghosts. He says he and his team members like Chelsea Gill a psychic medium , have ghostly encounters at this house all the time. She says" there's the woman in white by the pond, people just kind of roam the area".

Built in the mid-1800's, the house is a treasure trove of history. The most famous event that took place here would be that "failed exorcism" from the early seventies. According to Daniel "Father Alphonsus of St. Bonaventure came here with a film crew from N.Y. City and tried to perform an exorcism twice. Basically he told the family that it didn't work".

Tours are available and they are trying to raise funds to restore the house. More info is available at their website.