Holland Tuesday Painters creating masterpieces

An exhibition of their work at GCC Arcade Campus
Posted at 7:09 AM, Mar 29, 2017

The weekly gathering of artists is called Holland Tuesday Painters. It started a decade ago when Debbie Richter and Debbie Radford got together to do their art work. The idea caught on and now the group has seventeen members including Joan Burke. She painted back in high school, dropped it for "about 40 years" and then just got back into a few months ago.

Each week there are plenty of snacks, but this is not one of those "everyone gets together and paints the same thing" kind of groups. Each member is working on their own pieces in a variety of mediums including acrylic and watercolors.

There is an exhibition of their work at Genesee Community College Arcade Campus through April 25th. The works of art are available to enjoy and buy. 

Admission to the Holland Tuesday Painters is not based not on artistic talent, but on soup making skill. According to founder Debbie Richter "we originally called ourselves the soup group, and if you make good soup we let you come-it's not about good art, it's good soup."

The 15 Shades of Gray Art Exhibition of Holland Tuesday Painters At GCC Campus Arcade, 25 Edward Street, Arcade, NY