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Women in Business: Polly Thoman's mission to help new moms

Posted at 5:40 PM, Nov 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-28 17:46:11-05
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Polly Thoman is helping a new mom through breastfeeding challenges she's experiencing with her seven-week-old. It’s part of the services offered at Baby's Sweet Beginnings.

It's a breastfeeding boutique in Lancaster. Thoman opened it close to 11 years ago. “I tell myself I'm going to remember everyone that I helped, but it's impossible.”

Thoman said her desire to help new moms was born from personal experience. “Our three children were all born prematurely,” she explained. She said she received support during her own journey, and it compelled her to open the space devoted to helping others.

Baby’s Sweet Beginning's is also a retail space. It offers items that are both useful and unique to new parents. Products range from teething toys to food for boosting a mom's milk supply. Thoman hand picks everything she sells. She said it's all about arming parents with the knowledge and power to properly care for their newborns. “Being a new parent is so hard. There's so many rules to the game. So, if we can help along that path, that's what we're there for.”

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