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Women in Business: Mother/daughter duo shares business success

Posted at 2:13 PM, Nov 07, 2018
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When Sarah Nichter, and her mom, Patty Santoro opened P.S. Accessories 11 years ago, Hertel Avenue wasn't the popular destination it is today.

“It was risky. But, it was almost like we just knew,” said Nichter.

The small women's boutique sells tops and accessories like jewelry and handbags. Owning their own boutique hasn't always been easy. “When '08 hit, everything sank. Insurance and the economy. But, we're like the little engine that could,” Santoro said.

Nichter said the rise of online shopping has been difficult to compete with. “Everybody is so trained to the Amazon way where you get it in two days. but, the flip side is you can't touch it you can't feel it.”

They've also got another trick up their sleeve. One of the things that sets their boutique apart is the fact that every item is under $50. “A lot of people come in and they're like what? This is the price? Are you sure? Is this on sale? I say, no, it's our regular price.”

Nichter said they may expand to online sales. And eventually, they'd like to open another location in the suburbs.

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